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About Us

We, at Colored Rims believe that art lies in every form, everywhere. It goes beyond walls or canvases, it inspires to build a lifestyle with a chromatic sight. 

With our each product, we share an elaborate experience of hand craftsmanship that is put together in the making, from base structure to hand painted designs. Representing a quintessential collection that is bright, unique and adapted to modern sensibilities. We have created a channel where rural meets urban and traditional meets trendy.

Our team of artists and artisans route their proclivity to make your home beautiful and add a unique edge of luxury living. 

Brand Values

We cherish and promote to adapt handmade flaws because that makes every product special. It’s not a flaw but a perfect imperfection that enhances its sense of uniqueness. 

Creativity in design and painting techniques are the forefront characteristics that shape every creation. Keeping a balance between traditional art and modern trends.

Painting is not an escape from the world, it is what makes the world look more beautiful. And we aspire to elevate your living space; and making an expression of self.


“Colored Rims is the product of an artist, an entrepreneur and a marketer coming together over their shared love for all things beautiful and handcrafted.”

Colored Rims has been constantly etching the existence of one of a kind brand, that has evolved out of its core philosophy of breaking the stereotypes.

The idea of creating comfortable spaces that is for everyone and the objective of moving along the primitive styles to render and reincarnate the oldest of the art in new elements of home decor, stemmed from the collaboration between us with very different interests and skills but a shared love for creating something that transcends mere utility.