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What We Do

Synonymous with art, excellence and exclusivity, Colored Rims is an artistic collaboration that seeks to take aspects of art forms that normally don’t get much exposure, and turn them into everyday items that you can surround yourself with. Formed to keep the spirit of lost art forms alive with the authenticity of their ancient roots & a mild touch of modern day needs to blend in with both- traditional houses as well as advanced smart homes, Colored Rims believes in making art an essential part of life.

Everything the brand has to offer, is created with the sole purpose of ensuring that art in all its shapes and forms is accessible to everyone. Your one stop shop for home decor items that are handcrafted, and perform a subtle CPR on dying art forms from all over the globe!

Who We Are

The brainchild of three comrades with a NIFTian label, Colored Rims has been constantly etching the existence of a one of a kind brand, that has evolved out of its core philosophy of breaking the stereotypes. The idea of creating art that is for everyone and the objective of moving along the primitives styles to render and reincarnate the oldest of the art in new elements of home decor, stemmed from the collaboration between these three people with very different interests and skills but a shared love for creating something that transcends mere utility.

Colored Rims is the product of an artist, an entrepreneur and a marketer coming together over their shared love for all things beautiful and handcrafted!

The company scours art forms and styles from all possible avenues to bring to you designs and aesthetics that offer a welcome break from the regular. With the founders’ unwavering efforts, the artists’ undying love for art & the products’ unmatched quality, Colored Rims has established itself as a rare blend of class appeal and mass appeal in no time.

“Promoting clusters that are commemorating history’s undying spirit of art and craftsmanship, it isn’t just an endeavour to uplift lives, but to revive the tides.”


To re-live the lost remains of Indian crafts art forms, engaging with contemporary delights of lifestyle merging them with folklores of paints and brushes. And to make art a part of everyone’s everyday life.


To paint passion, to create art that boasts of beauty, quality and exclusivity, to combine aesthetics and utility in a seamless manner, and is infused with a spirit of joy, and most importantly to be an inspiration for every artist in the world, one brush stroke at a time.


The brand believes in the transformational power of art, celebrates the distinctiveness and flavour in each art form, embraces each and every collaboration, promotes creativity, isn’t afraid of nimble risk taking and is absolutely ethical and transparent in its approach.