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Painting The World Happy

Painting The World Happy

Paint the map of India with the colours of the traditional artwork native to each city, and you’ll have the most vibrant thing you’ve ever seen. From Kashmir up North to Tamil Nadu down South, from Bengal far east to Rajasthan, each region has its own flavour of folk art. All of which are highly intricate, distinct in style, visually stunning and most importantly, speak volumes about the rich heritage. Colourful designs, religious and mystical touch, artistic aesthetics, and have made the Indian artworks establish their dominance across the globe. From pottery to ornaments, from fabric painting to exquisite architectural artwork, from puppetry to home decor, the entire country is an unbelievable amalgamation of beauty, creativity and extraordinary skills.

Indian artist have proved their mettle, be it the ancient style rural art or the modern artworks. Reflecting a taste of all kinds of creative juices, the Indian Handicraft Industry has been a segment that has turned out to play an indispensable role in the growth of small industries thereby contributing tremendously to the country’s economy. The sector not only provides multiple avenues of employment to a vast segment of craftsmen in villages and small towns but also help the local artisans to showcase their unique talent and get the art its deserved recognition internationally.

With work like Metal-ware, Hand Painted Textile, Wood-ware, Bamboo Products, Paintings, Carpets, Zari Products, Jewelry etc, we have tried to explore every horizon in the world of Indian handicrafts. Be it Bihar’s Madhubani, Orissa’s Patachitra, Andhra’s Pithora , Maharashtra Warli, or Rajasthan’s Phad, India’s painting styles have always had a life of their own.

Bringing back the rare, lost art form to life is what Colored Rims’ sole purpose has been. Focused on being a part of every home’s décor in the world by the ancient Indian language of colors, brushes and tools, we strive towards excellence by creating artwork that not only is a treat to every eye, but also hold a story of our history and heritage that’s waiting to be told.

Trying our best to live up to our name, we add colour to the canvas that your life is. The mix of aesthetic, cultural, decorative, utilitarian, religious, and functional value in our products make them equally useful and desirable.

Allow us to take you on a one of its kind journey through the world of authentic Indian hand crafted and hand painted artistic masterpieces, & become a part and parcel of your everyday life and your special occasions.

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